US Cochrane Center
Brown University-Department of Community Health

Cochrane Consumer Network

General Information
Every Cochrane review team seeks to possess in determining just how the outcomes are offered, and which evaluations are completed, what concerns they concentrate on people who'll represent the customer standpoint. “Consumers” are most often understood to be readers of health (individuals or customers).

The Cochrane Consumer System works to make sure that requirements and the viewpoint of individuals are integrated into systematic evaluations and into, and coordinates the participation of customers inside the Cooperation.

Another helpful supply of info for Customers is available at Informed Health Online. This website contains customer health info automatic information on reviews; and customer summaries searchable by subject.

Training Information
There is a course being provided for Cochrane UK customers, with financing in the UK Cochrane Centre run from the Cochrane UK Customer Team.

The course is for UK Cochrane customers who're adding, or likely to lead, towards the function of the Cooperation by commenting on evaluations and Cochrane methods from the customer viewpoint. The course will even protect comprehension a little about exactly how we may choose whether we are able to think the outcomes and whether a bit of study on health treatments is reliable.

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