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Annual Cochrane Colloquia are held to help promote and develop the work of the Collaboration, and to help shape the future directions for the Collaboration. The next Colloquia are:

11th Cochrane Colloquium, Barcelona, Spain, 26 - 31 October 2003
12th Cochrane Colloquium, Ottawa, Canada, 2 - 6 October 2004
13th Cochrane Colloquium, Melbourne, Australia, 22 - 26 October 2005
Previously, Colloquia have been held in Oxford (United Kingdom, 1993), Hamilton (Canada, 1994), Oslo (Norway, 1995), Adelaide (Australia, 1996), Amsterdam (The Netherlands, 1997), Baltimore (USA, 1998), Rome (Italy, 1999), Cape Town (South Africa, 2000), Lyon (France, 2001) and Stavanger (Norway, 2002).

The Thomas C. Chalmers Award

The Thomas C. Chalmers Award is awarded annually at the Cochrane Colloquium for the best oral or poster presentation made. The US Cochrane Center takes an active role in the award selection and administration of the award process.

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