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Drug and Alcohol Test also known as the first time driver program is a great opportunity for teenagers to obtain their initial driver's license and probably be eligible for some insurance discounts. To address the growing demand for education for drivers in Florida, the FL Traffic School has been in place because several driving institutions have cut back on their programs.

Because of ongoing budget cuts, many driving schools have already cut their ED programs. But the Drug and Alcohol Test driving agency is one of those who continued to fill the gap. In the past, most driving students take their driving courses at public centers. Statistics even showed that an estimated 60%of would-be drivers 16 years of age learned their ED courses there. Unfortunately, the changes in the market have forced these institutions to pull back their courses to coincide with summer classes or after regular school season.

As a result, the DrugandAlcoholTest agency established the Behind the Wheel Program. The program offered in Florida drivers permit online is a good investment. As a matter of fact, incoming students can enjoy great discounts on their car insurance after completing a state- approved ED curriculum, as claimed by Anthony Lopez, Drug and Alcohol Test Executive Director.

This agency is providing the state-required 4 hour course on First Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course. This is necessary for anyone who wished to obtain a driving permit or license to drive in Florida plus those individuals who have never held a driving license in any other foreign territory or state. One can never obtain these licenses unless they finished taking the mandated program or its equivalent. An advantage of learning how to drive in Drug and Alcohol Test is their availability. Compared to other institutions, they are open 24/7.

She further added that they are offering drug and alcohol test Florida online courses that are as short as 1.5 hours or the basic 6 hours of teaching. He placed special emphasis on their full program that includes 30 classroom hours plus 6 behind the wheel training. Insurance discounts are most likely applicable to those who have completed the full program.

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